About: Soft SciFi/SciFantasy. Galactic exploration. Space smugglers. Bounty hunters. Interstellar war. Feudal stars systems (think Ming/Jabba). Planetary federations (social justice warriors in space). Hyperspace. Ultra dimensional beings.
Inspiration: Star Wars, Star Trek (original), Space 1999, Silent Running, Alien/s, Flash Gordon (80's version), Elite, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

The Federation are bringing harmony and civilization to the galaxy one planet at a time. Unfortunately, most species like the galaxy just the way it is... exciting, dangerous, and really wild. The Fringe is the one place left for opportunists, fugitives and other interstellar miscreants (like you).

Galactic Zones

Galaxians occupy a relative small corner of the Milkyway. The part of the known galaxy they inhabit can be split into zones.

Federation controlled zone: The federation aggressively follow a programme of peaceful assimilation. They seek to establish uniformity: 1 language, 1 currency, 1 vision for intelligent life. From a position of technical and (assumed) moral authority they are happy to course-correct the advancement of Level 0 civilisations so they might develop into Federation compatible cultures. Whilst not overtly destructive, Federation technology is used to lock non-compliant planets into their own atmosphere, terraform worlds so they adhere to Federations standards, and artificially evolve member species into approved shapes and sizes. Their belligerent application of their ideals has forced many to flee the controlled zone.

Fringe zone: Feudal warlords, survival of the fittest. Ming! Jabba!

Discovery zone: Galaxians have little contact with planets/species in this zone. It's eerily quiet out there. A scant few expeditions return. Those that do... don't speak about it.

Planet classification

Planets are classified by their primary use and physical properties.
Usage: Homeworld (developed, heavily populated), Outpost (military, mining, terraforming), Dead world, Ruined world, Artificial satellite (space station)

Physical properties: Gravity (size), Temperature (distance from, type of star), Atmosphere, Things of interest: Geological, Zoological, Cultural, Locations.

Scientific religions

Like the theological wars before them, scientific division is a source of conflict among galaxians.

Multiversal escapists: Our universe is one of many, doomed to expire. Escapists believe life can simply hop across to parallel, less precarious, universe. These guys invented hyperspace travel. Many fear their experiments will tear a catastrophic hole in space-time. Escapists are directly at odds with...

Bubble preservationists: Believe they can master celestial mechanics and develop technology to slow the the expanding universe and eventually stabilise its existence.

Queserarians: What will be, will be. Nothing really matters to followers of this faith. The frantic scrabbling of other factions is a source of amusement/derision. They are nihilistic, destructive and pessimistic.

Everybody else: All this science stuff is great, how can I use it to get rich and kill stuff.