About: Near future. Female cyber spies. Bio-terror. Mind-jackers. Augmented reality. H+ corporations. Renegade AI. Corporate Game of Thrones.
Inspiration: Bubblegum Crisis, Bond girls, La Femme Nikita, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Odeo 808, Taylor Swift!

Butterflies: Always just beyond your grasp
A Butterfly will conduct your paramilitary/espionage/personal mission with ruthless efficiency.
Our diverse pool of agents will provide you with unparalleled tactical options.
All agents are mind scrubbed after every mission to ensure your operation remains dark.
Remember the best defence against a Butterfly agent is a another Butterfly (our inter-agent conflicts are always unbiased, may the best girl win)

Thanks you for choosing Butterflies,
Madame 5

Flitting: Ability to transfer agent into compatible host vessel.

SynthSense: Artificial intelligence specialist. Their digital minds are embedded in thousands of industrial and consumer appliances. Currently trying to get 'synthetic lifeforms' recognised legal status. Is the enigmatic boss now really just a puppet for a digital mastermind? What does an emergent lifeform really think of humanity?

Neverland Corp: Virtual reality provider. Rules of the real world don't apply to citizens of  Neverland's virtual environment. What happens to a personality forged in a virtual world where there are no boundaries? What impact will their warped morality have on the decisions they take in the physical world?

Bright and modular city that automatically rearranges itself, skyline is in constant flux. Everyone is so happy here. Always happy. Chemically happy.

Third incarnation of the great city, defiant and fortress-like. Most citizen dwell inside its impenetrable shell. Encapsulated liberty.

Mining facility, holiday destination and starport to Mars. Also home to off-world research facilities of dubious intent. Unproven rumor of a non-terrestrial crash site on the dark-side was cause of recent Corp-War.

Pleasure punk, off-grider, pramdroid, duocentenarian, chimp 2.0, global elite

More Citizens
Clones (originals are accountable for their copies conduct), holographic life (often children or pets of programmers), anti-corp activists (martian independence, chimp/clone rights, democracy).